I was working full time as an Assistant Buyer at a corporate company. I initially loved the work I was doing but was growing tired of the long commute. I was sacrificing time away from my family in a job I had, over time, become complacent and bored at. Constantly trying to ‘do it all’, I could never measure up to the constant pressure I felt to be a successful career woman and raise a family. I longed for a community of ‘really & authentic’ moms that shared the same struggles.
Then, the pandemic hit and I was laid off after almost 9 years. After months of isolation, a group of my girl friends (all in desperate need of adult conversation) decided to get together (social-distance style) one Saturday for two hours (without kids or husbands). Soon, we realized how much we all craved that sense of community. One gathering turned into another, and then another. Next thing you know, it became a weekly event. With humility and honesty, we would share our lives with one another. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and this is when I had my ‘aha moment’.
That sense of community didn’t have to end when we said, “see you next week”. It got me thinking about all the truly amazing women I already had in my life. Through their unconditional love, non-judgemental ways and continued support I have become a better mom, wife, sister, friend and daughter. I created Truly Heidi as a platform as a continuation of that sisterhood. It is an uplifting online community where busy women in the throes of parenting, work and life can feel connected to others. I believe no one should do it alone.
I share the struggles of parenthood, ideas on tasty but achievable recipes, work life balance tips and trendy yet affordable fashion and everything else in between. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I will share anything that has genuinely helped me and anything that hasn’t.
As a mom of two very energetic boys, time is not something I have a lot of. Life can be insanely busy and finding balance often feels next to impossible. At times, I am overwhelmed, unprepared, unorganized, and falling apart at the seams. I hope you will join me on this wild journey we call life.
the everyday chaos (sometimes messy), but wild
Yours Truly,